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    PVC ceiling panels material based on polyvinyl chloride resin as the base material, a certain amount of anti-aging agent, modifier additives, made ​​by mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes. The pvc panel  are particularly suitable for the kitchen, the bathroom ceiling decoration, light weight, moisture proof, heat insulation, not combustion, no dust, easy to clean, finish, easy to install and low price.
    PVC ceiling panel pattern more varieties, varieties to choose from: white, beige, blue; pattern: night-blooming cereus, peach, bear bamboo, Yunlong, grid flowers, parquet.
    May require the production or distribution of units to produce the inspection report, and should pay special attention to the oxygen indicators eligibility, it must be greater than 30 to be conducive to fire. According to the installation location, and personal preferences and environmental coordination, selection of suitable own bedroom decorative plate color pattern. 

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